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PHOENIX & IVY: A representation of the Phoenix rising from the ashes duo with its Star constellation purpose. Ivy as it's climbing definition showing growth and development.

Originally created as a platform for Young People in the entertainment industry, Phoenix and Ivy strives to maintain a service to help shape the development and creativity of the children and teens with the communications of the internet.

In 2004 as a child I found an interest in IT and Graphics Design. I taught myself how to create a website from the stripped back day of PHP and HTML Coding and focused my craft on then supporting a few young names of the Hollywood industry. I worked daily on keeping the websites fresh, exciting and creative for anybody out there who wanted to connect and learn more about the talents I was representing in a non-profit way. I enjoyed the time creating and practice within the Fansite community and very proudly held what I had to hand as a support network. Over time I learnt more and more and at age 17 travelled to Los Angeles, California spending time learning even more about the industry, its ups and its downs and taking that knowledge to shape into further supporting those who choose a path in the entertainment world.

The Fansite talent I supported have all grown up and in that time was the boom of Social Media with the ability for people to connect with their celebrities through the accessiblity of a social media profile. The website design helped me to understand so much than just a design I carried it over into the development of Social Media and individual personal development for talent based both in the UK and the USA.

In 2013 I began regular work as a childrens photographer and this was a great connection for me to expand and offer more than just a website/profile prescience. Over the years I created a service that included not only the opportunity of my social media work and then adding the photography element as a positive influential creation that helps the talent grow. 

Now in 2024 I continue my work schedule as a photographer and alongside offer a unique service for a handful of clients who now work primarily as a model, actor or influencer. I am proud to represent the variation of children that I do with the versatility they hold. Applying my work to their personal journey is both beneficial and strengthening to their path. I work on a contracted monthly basis to dedicate my time and opportunities to the inclusion of this team who have a vision of growth in this industry.

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